8 Ways To Optimize Your Website For Google

During this week's Open Source Marketer webinar, we discuss how you can improve your search engine rankings by optimizing the pages on your website to help search engines (aka, Google) understand what your content is about. We break down each of the important page factors that you should consider when creating content for your website. This is the "secret sauce" that is hidden in plain view. Fancy pants SEO types will tell you it's very complicated, but we show you that once you understand the concepts, it's really just common sense stuff.


Talking Points:

  • Introduction - Min: 0:00
  • What We'll Cover - Min: 5:42
  • SEO Concept - Min: 8:46
  • Page Title - Min: 18:16
  • Permalink - Min: 23:02
  • Meta Tags - Min: 26:16
  • Menu Labels - Min: 31:58
  • Article Headlines (H1 Tag) - Min: 36:55
  • "H" Tags and Emphasis - Min: 41:17
  • Content Keywords - Min: 45:51
  • Image Attributes - Min: 49:51
  • Link Attributes - Min: 51:45
  • Tagging - Min: 55:10
  • Action Steps - Min: 57:50
  • Questions - Min: 1:03:21

Have questions? Leave them in the forum and we will answer them on the next webinar.

About Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever is the founder of Open Source Marketer, an online marketing and mobile, web development company that helps business owners design, build, and market their businesses' online. Connect with him on one of your favorite social channels.

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