Add Custom Greetings To WordPress Blogs

If you run a self hosted WordPress blog and would like to greet visitors with a custom message based on where they come from, then you need to install Thaya Kareeson's WP Greet Box WordPress plugin. WP Greet Box looks at the visitors browser referrer to determine what site they came from and then it shows a custom message based on that referrer. You may even see one on Open Source Marketer that looks similar to this.

How It Works

So let's say that you're getting a lot of StumbleUpon traffic and you want to show a custom greeting that prompts the stumbler to subscribe to your rss feed or opt-in to your newsletter then you can do that. You might try to catch their attention with, "Glad you stumbled upon my blog. Stumble me so you'll be able to show me to your friends later!". Each referrer message can be custom designed to gain attention by individual traffic source. You can even add links and pictures to be as creative as you like.

By default WP Greet Box comes with a butt load (yes, I said a butt load) of preset referrer messages so all you have to do is upload and activate the plugin to get started. It also does automatic code insertion into your WordPress template so you don't have to mess with the code if you don't want to. There is a manual code insertion option for anyone who wants to tweak the message placement, but it's an option that can be turned on or off in the plugin's admin settings.

If you want to show a visitor message to a custom referrer, like from the blog of a fellow blogger, then you can create that as well. This would be a good idea for cross promotion or grabbing the attention of visitors who end up on your site as the result of clicking a link on another site.


Think Creatively

The best way to use this plugin is to be creative. Think about what will grab the visitors attention and what will encourage them to take the action you are promoting. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Giving them what they expect to see may invoke confidence. If your visitor identifies with a certain seal or logo and that would help them connect with you in some way, then give them what they expect to see.
  • Giving visitors what they don't expect to see may grab their attention as well. If visitors don't expect to see a message welcoming them from Google and suggesting related blog posts by keyword, then show it to them and get their attention.
  • Use reputation transference to your advantage. If a well known or well liked blog links to you then be sure to welcome the visitors when they arrive at your site and let them know you have more of what they are looking for when they subscribe to your rss feed.
  • Use the plugin as a tool to deflect negative PR. You could even puposely attract attention by writing a post that's on the fringe and then show a balancing message when the visitor arrives from a link blog review. I know this might seem a little deceptive, but the idea is to be creative. WP Greet Box can convert your blog from a stateless, one size fits all, blog into a dynamic tool that delivers an intentional message that is directed to a specific audience.
  • Give special offers to certain types of visitors. Let's say you know that you get a lot of Google traffic, but the traffic that really converts well is Yahoo traffic. Imagine you really want Yahoo visitors to sign up for your newsletter. In fact, you're willing to offer them something you wouldn't offer to any other type of visitor. Well, with WP Greet Box you can do just that. Now you are able to only offer incentives to certain types of visitors without doing a lot of complicated programming.

Those are just a few of the ideas that came to me as I was writing this post. How would you use the plugin? Do you have suggestions that you think would work better? Leave your suggestions in the comments and let's see what this plugin can really do.

I guarantee you, Wp Greet Box plugin will save you hours of time and headache. And best of all, Thaya gives fantastic plugin support. I left several questions on his blog and he answered each of them within what seemed like minutes. Thaya is doing an awesome job with this plugin and his blog has lots of creative ideas. So go now, download the plugin.

So what kind of custom message would you use?

Charles McKeever

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