Lorelle VanFossen at WordCamp Dallas 2009


"Damn it Jim. I'm a blogger not a star ship captain!" That should have been the tagline for the talk that Lorelle VanFossen gave at WordCamp Dallas 2009. Lorelle gave another information packed, personality driven, WordPress ninja performance when she took the stage and played a Star Trek laden video intro for her USS WordPress Tags and Tribbulations talk.

If you don't know, Lorelle is the resident WordPress mascot blogger. Last year she gave a fantastic talk on power blogging. This year she showed us how important it is to categorize the posts in your blog.

Here are a few of the highlight takeaways:

  • Write down all the keywords you plan to blog about on your blog. This is your first draft. From this list you begin to spot patterns so you can begin to identify your categories.
  • Categories are not for you, they are for your reader.
  • Categories should help reader identify what your blog is about.
  • Categories help reader know if they are in the right place.
  • Categories are about being found by search engines.
  • Categories should encompass groups of information, but still be specific enough to not be to general.
  • Tags are link that represent micro data for individual posts.
  • Tags are your blog's index words.
  • If enough posts have the same tag, it's a category.
  • Tags are indexed by Google and others as "keywords"
  • rel="tag" identifies a link as a tag. Remember, we are after micro-data (meta data) to help identify your content.
  • If you can't write five blog post titles/ideas on a topic, then you don't have a category.
  • Categories with only one post tells the reader you don't know much about that category.
  • Categories that dominate a blog may need to be spun off to a separate blog.
  • Categories and tags are not fashion statements. Don't be colorful with your categories.

More on this later...

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