Is Your Apple iTunes Account Safe From Being Hacked?

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  • Fred Fnord

    Another way you can protect yourself from this stuff, and the most important way, is to use a unique and unguessable password for each web site/service that has any credit card/account info for you.

    It’s pretty obvious what you’re risking if you use a simple password. It’s less obvious if you’re using a single (complex) password for all of your online business. But if you use one internet password, or a small set of them, for all the web sites you log into, you risk having a malicious person set up a web site that looks interesting and have you create an account, and then record your password. And once he’s done that, he makes some guesses at your Apple ID (or, if you use your or email address in signing up on his web site, he already knows it!) and tries the password, and voila.

    So far, I’ve known two people who had this happen to them. Both of them used the same password for a lot of other web sites that they used for iTunes.

    • So true Fred. Valid points all around. For this particular instance I happen to know that Toff uses some pretty strong passwords for his accounts. He’s even more cautious with his online activities than I am, and I have some squirrely passwords. So, I think there may be something else going on here that isn’t being addressed publicly. That’s just my personal opinion though.

  • mark

    Im actualy in China at this momment, my wife being Chinese, i asked her to look at the taobao website to see about the accounts being sold.
    What i was told, sorry if its baby English.
    The accounts are being used with stolen credit cards.
    a common way was with a few applications used on the actualy apple website.
    a hacked itunes account can be purchased for as little as 100 yuan per account. They tell you to use them right away.
    in game purchases, they will take your udid number, and load your game up with, coins and honor ect……
    the wife is trying to ask for more info, on the pretence of being intrested in being part of the game. when im home, ill have more info i hope to share about the way they are doing it.

    • I would love to hear more about it, Mark! It certainly surprised me that this was possible and that Apple isn’t more proactive about it.